How a gentleman can perfect his spring trackside style in three simple steps

The key to mastering trackside style if you’re a male is to take notice of the finer details. If you’re planning to wear a suit and tie, be careful that your look is not too corporate - ask yourself if you look like you’ve just come from the office.  If you want to be in the running for fashions on the field, follow these three simple steps to perfect your outfit.

1.     Wear spring colours

Celebrate the warmer weather by leaving your black suit in the wardrobe and opt for a lighter colour instead. This doesn't mean turning up to the track in a bright pink safari suit though. Think navy, grey and blue suits and perhaps add a pocket square or flower pin to your outfit for point of difference.

2.     Accessorise

These days it takes more than just a well-cut suit (although this is definitely a good start), to make the ladies’ heads turn. It’s details like a dress watch, cufflinks, a classy pair of sunglasses or even a tie pin that can make a gentleman stand out. Your belt and shoes should be in good condition and compliment each other. You can't go wrong with classic styles (woven belts get two thumbs up this season) in black or brown leather. Just make sure they’re polished.

3.     Don’t neglect your sock choice

Nothing ruins a sharp suit like white socks that show when you’re sitting down.  The socks you wear to the gym are not welcome trackside. Wear socks that tie in with your outfit. If in doubt, just go dark.  Novelty has no place here but argyle and intricate patterns can work if paired carefully.

Most importantly have fun with your own style and make your look original.