I Spent 2017 Working With A Life Coach. Here's Why.

I work in the business of personal styling, so it almost goes without saying that I think self-care is very important. It's one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves time and again. Yet somehow I was still not totally on board with the concept of a life coach. I help people identify what they would like to improve and teach them tools and tricks to do it. But I wasn't sure what a life coach actually offered and why it would be useful. 

Enter Jess Heading, London-based life coach. After being introduced through friends, I quickly realised this was someone I needed on my side. A few years into running my own business, I had figured out I wanted someone who could help me take things to the next level, but I didn't know quite how to find them. That's exactly what I got, plus some! Turns out, where I use colours and draping to help people feel like an amazing version of themselves, she offered real tools so I could better understand my goals, identify limitations and come up with a plan for how to get there.

Turns out there was far more crossover between life coaching and styling than I could've realised. I've found it so useful, Jess and I have teamed up and created a special package for A|M clients to get the benefit of life coaching, just like I got from Jess. It's called the Style + Soul Package and you can read all about it here: CONFIDENCE IGNITER: Style + Soul Package.

But first, you are probably wondering some of the things I wondered, like what on earth a life coach actually does and how it can benefit people like you and me. For that, it's probably best to let Jess explain. Here's an interview I did with Jess on all things life coaching. 

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a process of unlocking and maximising potential. It helps you look at where you are now, where you’d like to be, and what's holding you back. Your coach's role is to help you to overcome fear and self-doubt and connect to your inner brilliance to get clear on what you want and go for it! It's motivational, inspiring and action driven. Coaching can help you to take a fresh approach to old issues, to work out what matters most, to defuse limiting beliefs and habits, and to create fulfilling and lasting change.

How is life coaching different to counselling, therapy or executive coaching?

In counselling or therapy, the primary focus is on exploring the historical roots of your challenges in order to heal psychological or emotional wounds.

Coaching is future-focused with the aim of moving forward towards what you want. In coaching, YOU are the expert. The role of a coach is to ask the right questions and offer effective tools to empower you to connect to your inner wisdom and move forward in a way that feels right for you. 

Life coaching is similar in style and approach to executive coaching; what tends to differ are the topic areas and purpose. Executive coaching is generally focused on becoming a more powerful and effective leader; life coaching focuses on personal development related to building self confidence, trusting yourself and going for what you want.

Who can benefit from life coaching?

Anyone! Seriously. You don't even need to be a 'believer' - I've worked with many sceptics who aren't exactly sure what they've signed up for and have ended up loving it!

What should I expect from a spark session (the style + soul Package session with jess)?

We'll explore what holds you back from feeling confident and going for what you want; and were confidence really comes from (it's not what you think!)  We’ll delve into your vision and dreams, fears and blocks. You’ll get super clear on what’s important to you – your values and priorities –  and we’ll craft next steps to help get you where you want to be. Through our exploration together, we'll clear out worry, doubt and stuckness and uncover your inner wisdom, joy and freedom.

How does it work? What is the session length and format?

Our spark session will consist of a two hour session held via Skype or WhatsApp audio call at a time that works for you. If you'd prefer to split our time into 2 x one hour sessions we can do that too.   

What should I do to prepare?

You'll receive a welcome pack from me which I'll ask you to complete before our session so we can make the most of our time together. It contains a series of questions designed to get you thinking about what you want from the session. Other than that - you need only bring your lovely self! 

Do you have personal experience of battling with self-confidence?

Hell YES! Confidence was something I struggled with for close to 30 years, which is one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about the work that I do. My lack of confidence and harsh inner critic held me back from enjoying time with friends (because I was constantly worried they secretly hated me), doing my favourite things like swimming in the ocean (because I was so self-conscious about my body), pursuing opportunities (because I didn't feel I was good enough) - the list goes on. I know firsthand what it's like to be plagued with self-doubt and feel like it will always be a 'thing'; and then to come out the other side with a sense of peace and self-love. That's not to say I don't still have some insecure thoughts; but they don't torture me or hold me back like they used to. And that for me is freedom. 


Want in? Find out more about the Style + Soul package with Jess and A|M here

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Life Coach, writer and body acceptance warrior.