How to manage your state of mind in fast-fashion stores

Fast-fashion stores are great fun. There’s no reason you can’t find classics as well as on-trend pieces that can really suit you in stores like Zara, H&M and Top Shop. But you have to be careful that the lower prices don’t distract you from what you truly need in your wardrobe.

Loud music, sale signs and eye-catching styles that you MUST have, can be overwhelming. Enter this scenario without being mentally prepared and you are your own worst nightmare. With a few tips in mind, you can get a lot out of these stores and dodge the pitfalls.

1.    Write a list
Before you leave home, make a list of the gaps in your wardrobe.  This always leads to wiser shopping.  

2.    Carry water
Being parched while trying to reason with your thoughts is just not on, you amateur.    

3.    Set a timer on your phone
If you walk around in a store for too long, you may eventually feel like you have to buy something. I’d recommend 20 minutes and if you’re planning to make a purchase after that time, be careful you haven’t crossed to the dark side where you’re telling yourself you need to buy something even though that ‘something’ may not be worth it.  

4.    Round it up
Prices you can’t buy with exact cash are out to confuse you. If you’re debating whether or not to buy a piece that’s $57.77, round it up to a whole figure darling and ask yourself if that piece is actually worth that price.   

5.    Only go in the change room once
If you’ve picked up 10 garments but they’ll only let you in the change room with 5, force yourself to cull the pieces you chose on impulse and don’t necessarily love.  

6.    Know the feeling of wardrobe love
If you find yourself thinking, ‘it’s only $$$, I’ll just get it’, ask yourself these questions:

1.    Is the fit flattering me, from the front and behind? Ie. Is it bunching, pulling or drawing colour from my face?

2.    Will it wash well and suit my laundering habits?

3.    Does it give me confidence?

4.    Does the fabric feel nice on my skin?

5.    Am I buying this ‘just because’? (Oh dear, we still have a long way to go with you, don’t we)? 

If you don’t like the answer to any of the above questions, put it back, hold your head up high and know that EVERY GIRL does this at some stage.

The trick to having a great wardrobe is being really selective with what goes in there. If you’re mentally aware that everything you bring to your wardrobe has to earn its keep, you’ll find yourself more selective with what you purchase in one of these stores. 

And lastly, if nothing fits perfectly, that’s okay too. Sizing is so inconsistent these days and sometimes you have to work hard to find pieces that fit and flatter. When you do, it’s worth it.  

Remember, all bodies are good bodies so love the skin you’re in.

Happy Easter xx