How To Have A Wardrobe Admin Day

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

Feeling unmotivated by the clothes in your wardrobe? Missing clothes that you've blamed your sibling or friend for losing when in fact, they're actually scrunched in a ball at the back of your wardrobe? 

Sometimes, the best thing to do to be inspired by your own wardrobe is to have a clean out and get rid of the pieces that are limiting you from feeling good in what you wear everyday. And it doesn't have to take forever to do it!

Here's my top three style tips that will make your clean out constructive and leave you feeling organised. 

Before you start
Do yourself a favour and purchase matching coat hangers. Wooden coat hangers are my recommendation, as they don't leave marks on delicate garments like the metal ones do. A cheaper alternative are the black flocked (velvet look) coat hangers. These can be purchased from Kmart. Another tip before you start is to lay all items of clothing on your bed so you can see what you're working with. This will force you to finish the clean out in one day and get the items you're keeping back in to your wardrobe so you can actually go to bed that evening.

1. Try everything on before you let it go back in to your wardrobe

 Only let things back into your wardrobe if they fit into the following:

  • appears to be in good condition 

  • makes you feel good

  • suits your body shape (and accentuates your assets)

  • fits you (ditch anything that's either two sizes too big or two sizes too small)

  • you've worn it in the last two years.

Everyone has items of clothing that they can't part with because of the memories attached to them. It's fine to keep these, however, store these in a section of your wardrobe that you don't look at every day. This will make it easier in the morning not having to sift through these and also, it will be like looking at a whole new wardrobe come the change in seasons!

2. Identify the wardrobe gaps

You don't need a wardrobe filled exclusively with on-trend pieces. You need the basics to make those statement or trend pieces work.

In order to have a wardrobe that's practical, ensure you have classic pieces that suit your body shape and are of good quality. An example of these would be a well cut pair of jeans, fresh white tee and a little black dress (LBD). Identify your gaps and write a list of what's missing so you can slowly fill those gaps.

3. Organise your wardrobe according to the season

Only have the garments relevant to the season you're currently in. That way you can actually wear what's directly in front of you when you look in your wardrobe. There's no point keeping your summer dresses front and centre in the middle of winter.  

At the start of each season, pack away the things you won't be wearing for a while. This saves you time each morning because everything you're looking at is what you're likely to actually wear. It also makes you feel like you have a new wardrobe when you do the seasonal changeover.