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Don’t you wish you could hire a professional to guide you to the exact pieces you know you’re missing from your own wardrobe, but from the comfort of your own home? This online personal styling service has been created by Anna with the regional woman in mind who is somewhat fed up with buying items online and needs advice on where to go for a good fit and how to choose the right items to add in to their wardrobe.

If you’d like to discuss which option is best for you or a slightly more tailored package, Anna is happy to contact you. Please leave an enquiry for her and she will be in touch soon.

PERFECT FOR: Someone who knows what they need, they are just geographically challenged and can’t get to the shops. Anna will guide you to the pieces that are on your wish list and give you personal feedback on how to style them in a way that matches your lifestyle. Also perfect for an existing client who needs a few seasonal additions.

Package includes:

  • Style consultation: Once you have booked in for your session, Anna will send you a questionnaire and shopping wish list to complete and send back to her with a recent full length image of yourself. The more specific you are with completing the questionnaire and wish list, the more cost effective it will be for you with Anna sourcing your requests. For example, if you need a new pair of jeans, be specific with the things you know you like rather than just saying ‘a pair of jeans’. Maybe you’re after a mid rise, straight leg jean that is a dark blue wash, size 14, and ideally within a certain budget (under $200 for example). This will save Anna time finding you what you need and in turn leave you with more money to spend on clothes.

  • Anna will record an online shop for you and it will be sent via a link to your email. This will be a video of her sharing her screen with you and talking through your wardrobe additions, while having all the links right there for you to purchase what you need.

  • Once the packages have arrived, Anna will send a tailored voice recording with all her special tips and tricks to remember when you’re trying the items on, so you know the fit is right for you and you have ideas on how to wear these new additions using your current wardrobe.

    Due to her schedule styling in store around the regions, she has a certain limit of online styling sessions she can complete per week so get in quick if you require this shop by a certain date.